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If you're ready to work together and talk about your BPD or need more information, send me a message. I will send you an email. Please do not leave a message at the telephone number listed here. I do not answer that phone NOR do I check messages left there. If you want to contact me, please submit a message via this site.  I will reply within 24 hours. Thank you!

You must also know that I am NOT a psychiatrist, psychologist or even a certified life coach. I am merely a woman who lived with BPD for a long, long time and found her way out of the darkness.

Please note that I am HIGHLY selective about the people I choose to work with. I utilize an online video chat program called ZOOM which you can access via your internet browser. If you do not have access to the internet at home, please do not contact me because it will be impossible for me to connect with you. I do not conduct coaching sessions over the telephone or by email. Thank you.

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Toronto, Ontario

Changing the way you think is like building a muscle. It takes practice and patience.
— Dee Chan