Borderline Personality Disorder Clinic
Meet Dee Chan


Dee Chan is a dog loving mental health advocate who lived for about thirty-five years with Borderline Personality Disorder, a serious mental illness. During that time she raised a family of four children and supported a husband with a busy academic career. She also cultivated a serious love of gardening, reading and sewing occasionally although she freely acknowledges that she is not good at sewing.

About nine years ago, she adopted a little rescue Shih-Tzu named Yoshi who became the love of her life and rescued her by helping her lose more than 50 pounds by walking every day. She believes that DBT saved her life and from her Borderline Personality Disorder and she writes extensively about her recovery from her illness on her blog. She has been published on The Mighty, Hey Sigmund, and Mental Health Talks. She is an admin for the BPD Support Facebook group and runs her own DBT Skills Learning Workshop Facebook group where she helps other people by teaching them DBT skills. She started her website, bpdnomore.com as a way to offer hope to others diagnosed with BPD that, yes, there is a way out of the darkness and it is called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Presently she offers these services to people on a pro-bono basis.

 Splitting Borderline
Meet Megan Glosson


Megan Glosson is an experienced freelance writer and mental health advocate based in the Nashville, TN area.

Megan Glosson is an avid freelance writer and advocate for the mental health, disability, and LGBT communities. Megan is very open about her struggles with borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. By sharing her story, Megan hopes to diminish the negative stigma surrounding mental illness.

Megan is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. She resides in Murfreesboro, TN with her children and three cats. Megan loves board games, adventures to lands near and far, and a good bowl of ice cream.

To learn more about Megan’s personal journey towards a life worth living, visit her blog, Living On The Borderline. Or, if you’re interested in having Megan write articles for your website, you can contact her by visiting her personal website.

 The Best Treatment For BPD
Meet Rosie Cappuccino


I won’t stop talking until everyone with BPD has the understanding, respect and compassion that they deserve.

I’m a Mind Media Award winning blogger, writer and artist talking about my life with borderline personality disorder (BPD). I share my life with a diagnosis of BPD because people with this condition are often misjudged as manipulative, attention-seeking or hopeless. I am not okay with that because it simply isn’t true and such myths cause more pain for people already hurting.

My blog, Talking About BPD, discusses my day-to-day life with BPD including intense emotions, therapy, stigma and coping tips. I am currently writing a book about living a calmer life with BPD (which will be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers). I am so excited; I really hope my book will help people with a BPD diagnosis navigate stigma, feel less alone and live a calmer, happier life.

Rosie Cappuccino: Blogger, Talking About BPD, www.talkingaboutbpd.co.uk