I have just discovered that my blog postings were not being displayed properly. I am, therefore going to have to repost all of them, one at a time. I ask for your patience and forgiveness if this annoys you unduly.

Today I am launching my website, bpdnomore.com.

I’m very excited about this site. I hope that I will be able to help lots of people who have been suffering in silence with Borderline Personality Disorder for a while. BPD is a terrible sentence. It literally turns your life upside down and inside out. Most people who have this diagnosis live lives of “quiet desperation” until their rage boils over and can no longer be contained. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. I was diagnosed with BPD more than 35 years ago and my journey was very rocky and fraught with turmoil and danger for many years but I was able to survive and overcome it. Some people say that if a Borderline can only live long enough that they will eventually “mature out” of their diagnosis. I think this may be true but there were specific things I learned along my journey which helped me turn the corner and find a way to live a happy and contented life. I hope to be able to share those tips, what I call my “secret to happiness” with others. They are easy to follow and if incorporated into your daily life. While there are NO guarantees in life, I can virtually guarantee that if you follow them and practice them, your life will improve and you will be able to say goodbye to many of your BPD symptoms.

Join me, won’t you? I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you find your way through the maze of BPD.