If you are spending your life waiting for a dream to materialize, I’m sorry to tell you that you will probably end up waiting for a long time. Of course, we all have dreams but dreams don’t usually come true. Goals, on the other hand, can. What is the difference between a dream and a goal?

Most people confuse dreams and goals

Dreams and goals are often easily confused by most people. Dreams are free and so it is easy to fall into the habit of dreaming forever. Having a dream does not produce any results. It is a dream, just that.The difference between the two is a plan. Having a plan is what will allow you to turn your dream into a goal and an achievement. Having a goal will help you change your life from something that is unsatisfactory to a symphony of contentment.

Goals require action and it is that action which allows you to take your dream and turn it into reality.

There are 8 integral differences between a dream and a goal.

  1. A goal is something to which you aspire. It is a specific result you work toward. Dreams are something that you just do whereas a goal is something you make happen. You can have a dream without doing anything, a goal requires specific action in order to make it happen.

  2. All goals require a deadline. You must set dates for milestone achievements if your goals are to have any meaning. If you don’t do this, your dreams will never manifest themselves. This is why so many people can spend their entire life never achieving any of their dreams.

  3. All goals come with some sort of “cost factor”. I mean this in terms of things like time spent, energy invested or even money spent. The currency you use to achieve your goal matters.

  4. Every goal must produce some kind of result. Without a result it remains just a dream. If you want to change your life, you must take the steps required to do that. If you want to get a better job, plotting out a course of action to get there will allow you to achieve your goal.

  5. Dreams are not real, they are imaginary. You may have a dream that you want to fly but most of us can’t do that. But if you decide to take skydiving lessons you are one step closer to that dream. Goals are things that you can actually accomplish. They should be small and attainable instead of big and far fetched. Goals can be big but they should be within the realm of the possible. Always. They need to be grounded firmly in the world of the possible and in the present world.

  6. Each goal has a finish line whereas a dream never has to reach any kind of conclusion. A dream can be sustained forever but a goal must have a defined outcome.

  7. A dream can give you inspiration but a goal is the thing that can actually change your life. Dreams can be the thing that motivates you but the goal is what actually propels you along the road toward the change. Dreams can change from day to day but goals require intense focus and determination if they are going to be achieved.

  8. Dreams don’t require anything of you except a good imagination whereas a goal takes hard work and perseverance if it is going to be arrived at.

Your dreams can come true but certain steps need to happen first

Your dreams can come true but not unless you take steps to make that happen. People with BPD often get overwhelmed when it comes to things like this. I know I did. That is largely why I never went to university. I had the dream of wanting to go and earn a degree but I could not put the plan into action. It is one of my biggest regrets.