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BPD No More is a site which will help you learn to overcome the negative aspects of living with Borderline Personality Disorder.

You can reach me at: 647-873-2765 but I prefer to be contacted via my Contact Form.

Receiving a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder can turn your life upside down. How do you manage the symptoms and live a happy, productive life? How do you manage interpersonal relationships which always seem to be so difficult and hard?  Certainly being in therapy helps but there are also other coping mechanisms you can learn which will allow you to find your own secret to happiness.


Approaching BPD


Living with BPD

Living with BPD can be excruciatingly difficult. You are always angry, sometimes raging. You are constantly sparring with people. It is possible to reclaim your destiny and take your life back.


How I Can Help You


when I received my BPD diagnosis more than 35 years ago. It devastated me. The constant ups and downs of my emotions devastated me and my family. Because I have overcome my BPD I consider myself to be an expert on "living with BPD". I can teach you the things it took me twenty-five years to learn in a matter or months and hopefully ease your journey.


Recovery from BPD

Recovery from BPD is definitely possible but it doesn't come easy. 

I have figured out what I call the Ten Daily Practices needed to turn my life around from my BPD diagnosis. I promise you that if you put them into practice for yourself that you will see tangible, measurable results in a very short period of time.

My life with BPD

My life when I was in the throes of BPD was a nightmare. I was desperately unhappy in my marriage, with my children, had few friends and lived in utter despair. I no longer live that way. Let me teach you my secrets.


Thrive! The Secret to Happiness

It took me more than thirty years to figure out how to be happy. I have discovered the secret to happiness and can teach you how to find your own brand of happiness. Ten daily practices and you will get there. I promise.


Take Back Your Destiny

Just because you have been given a BPD diagnosis does not mean you are condemned to living at the mercy of your emotions for the rest of your life.


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