How to Build Self Esteem

Building self-esteem begins with taking a serious look at yourself. Of course, this is key when trying to discover your own secret to happiness. Without introspection, you can see your good qualities and your bad.I am a firm believer that everyone should their strengths and weaknesses because once you do, you can begin to build on your strengths. So beginning to build self-esteem starts with taking an earnest and honest self-inventory.  

If you can’t come up with a single thing you think you are good at, think back to some of the compliments others have given you in the past. You might be surprised to realize that some people envy you for your kindness or your patience in listening to them. These things are skills and you can enhance them or expand upon them. Doing so will grow your sense of self-esteem.  

Because I had been isolated for many years when my children were small and because of my marriage I had very few friends so I joined a meetup group and began to go out with these women for dinner and to see movies. I joined with the expectation that I was not going to make any life-long friendships but I have made friends in the group and I have become very close with those women. They sustain me, help me, entertain me and do not judge me.