Why am I qualified to help you?

I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist, a trained counselor or a certified life coach. So, why am I qualified to be a BPD life coach? Because I have lived with my diagnosis for more than 35 years and have learned to exist with it and overcome it and, in some ways, thrive with it. 

. Following my discharge my after a year-long hospitalization, my therapist had a very difficult time finding my a therapist back in my hometown because I was, essentially, radioactive. Too many in-patient psychiatrists there had encountered me and knew how resistant I was to treatment. Eventually, he was successful and I entered into a therapeutic relationship which lasted for thirty years. Many years ago, however, my psychiatrist told me that I no longer met the criteria for a BPD diagnosis. Was I happy? Ecstatic.  

Fast forward to todayand I am living a happy, normal and fulfilled life. I am involved in a wonderful relationship with a man who loves me beyond measure. I feel fulfilled in so many ways that I could not have ever imagined. Does this mean that my life is merry and gay? No, my life is, in many ways boring and unexciting. But, I choose that rather than the life I used to live which entailed constant adrenaline rushes because I literally lived from one crisis to the next. I am happy that my life is predictable and stable and without the constant stress of my disrupted relationship with my spouse and constant anger. Learning to live manage my emotions and  


How can I help you? 

Learning to cope with and stop the never-ending tsunami-like ups and downs was first and foremost by learning to regulate my emotions and if you choose to work with me, I can teach you how to do that for yourself. 

There is no question that receiving a BPD diagnosis can be very traumatic to processand learn to live with.  But I don’t believe that means youhave to live your life as a hostage to your emotions forever. There is a way to turn it all around. Every day is, after all, a new beginning.  


I can show you...

I can teach you how to retake control over your destiny and throw off the chains that bind you to your diagnosis. Will it be easy? Not necessarily. Change is never easy. How much you can change and how quickly you can achieve that will depend on how willing you are to take an enormous risk and learn new skills and coping techniques. 

I will only work with you if you are currently in therapy or have been in therapy long enough to have made some serious strides and developed some serious insight. 

I takea no-nonsense approach to coaching. I will confront you and do not pull my punches. I will give you homework and tasks to complete between meetings.  If you are not able to tolerate this or are unwilling to participate fully, please keep looking. 

In order for the two of us to work together you must be willing to work on setting goals and being confronted -- in essence you must be willing to "kill all your darlings" of negative behaviour.