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BPD No More is a site which will help you learn to overcome the negative aspects of living with Borderline Personality Disorder.

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Dee Chan

Why Not a BPD Performance Coach?


Anyone who watches Showcase has no doubt come across Wendy Rhoades, the hedge fund performance coach who turns floundering managers into superstars. She’s got all the right skills and credentials: lots of experience in the field AND her medical degree as a psychiatrist are her stunning credentials, the things which make her both credible and effective.

If you have BPD why not hire a BPD performance coach. I was diagnosed with BPD more than 35 years ago when the illness was only just being used as a diagnostic tool. At that time, it was not well understood and the jury was still out about whether or not it was even a “real thing” or not.

I’ve lived with my diagnosis all this time and it’s not always been pretty. Most of that time was spent trying to raise my children while trying to have some kind of a social life and not kill people every time I went to the grocery store. My life was in shambles. I despaired of ever getting better or even learning how to cope with things. Until one day, a light bulb went off and I finally learned the lessons I had been struggling to understand all those years. I’ve turned those lessons into a powerful BPD recovery tool which you can take advantage of, too.

I am a  BPD Recovery Coach.

I teach DBT LIFE skills like anxiety and stress reduction techniques to people who want to have dialectical behavioral therapy treatment but who can not access it easily. I offer a program of modified DBT.

I teach how people with BPD how to build self esteem  and create the life they want to have  which frees them from living a life of turmoil and chaos. I do this by teaching them how to communicate assertively through assertiveness training. Why assertiveness training? Because most people with BPD have very poor communication skills. After beginning a practice of gratitude, this is the second important step.

I will help you put your BPD into solid remission. To help you do this sign up for my 10 week program which will teach you how to change the way you think. This is the crucial first step because people with BPD have skewed thought processes. We see judgement and criticism where it does not exist. We misconstrue abandonment in the slightest bit of distance. We have very poor communication skills and do not know how to express the intense feelings we experience on a daily basis so we act out behaviorally.

People with BPD typically have very low self-esteem. They believe that they are failures and can’t do anything right. This is something they have learned from their family of origin. Because this is learned behavior, it can be UNlearned. I will show you how.

My program is based on things like practicing gratitude, forgiveness and  accountability. It is not an easy fix. There are no miracle cures. There is no magic bullet  when it comes to BPD recovery. It will be hard work but it IS possible to turn things around for yourself. I am living proof of this because I am a long-term survivor of BPD. You can find my story here.

If you are tired of the chaos and living from one crisis to the next, tired of the despair every time you shoot yourself in the foot with every relationship you have, get in touch with me. I would love to help you learn how to live a better life.


Approaching BPD


Living with BPD

Living with BPD can be excruciatingly difficult. You are always angry, sometimes raging. You are constantly sparring with people. It is possible to reclaim your destiny and take your life back.


How I Can Help You


when I received my BPD diagnosis more than 35 years ago. It devastated me. The constant ups and downs of my emotions devastated me and my family. Because I have overcome my BPD I consider myself to be an expert on "living with BPD". I can teach you the things it took me twenty-five years to learn in a matter or months and hopefully ease your journey.


Recovery from BPD

Recovery from BPD is definitely possible but it doesn't come easy. 

I have figured out what I call the Ten Daily Practices needed to turn my life around from my BPD diagnosis. I promise you that if you put them into practice for yourself that you will see tangible, measurable results in a very short period of time.


Thrive! The Secret to Happiness

It took me more than thirty years to figure out how to be happy. I have discovered the secret to happiness and can teach you how to find your own brand of happiness. Ten daily practices and you will get there. I promise.


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