Kim Kardashian asks for understanding for her husband, Kanye West’s mental illness

Several weeks ago, after announcing he was entering the 2020 Presidential race, Kanye West posted some damaging things on Twitter about his marriage to his socialite wife, Kim Kardashian. He disclosed that he had wanted to divorce her two years ago after she had a business meeting with a rapper named, Meek Mill. As well, he told fans at a concert that he and his wife, Kardashian had thought about aborting their daughter, North. The disclosure of this information was horrifying for Kardashian and even though West apologized to her, there was a lot of blowback for him.
Kardashian responded by asking people to have compassion for him and talked about his bipolar diagnosis. In a video she talked about how difficult it was managing his illness.
She later took to Instagram, where she shared that she felt a need to speak out because of the many misconceptions about mental health in general and the stigma attached to it.There are very big differences between Bipolar disorder and Borderline Personality disorder although many people with BPD are often first misdiagnosed with Bipolar disorder.
A bold step for a celebrity who lives with mental illness

While I applaud Kardashian for taking this step and trying to open the world to a dialogue about mental illness, it got me thinking about the way that people diagnosed with BPD are stigmatized, often by the people who are supposed to help them, the mental health practitioners they see.Dr. John Grohl has a very interesting article on this very subject published at Pysch Central where he discusses this interesting phenomenon. He outlines the certain behaviors people with BPD exhibit which often lead therapists to throw up their hands in defeat. These behaviors include demanding that the therapist “rescue” them by using self-harm, pushing therapeutic boundaries by wanting sexual contact with the therapist and using other maladaptive behaviors such as suicide attempts as a way to gain intimacy. They also tend to take up a time in the therapist’s practice and most people with BPD do not respond to traditional modes of treatment, i.e. “talk therapy” or medication.
Moreover, he goes on to write about the way that most therapists are simply not trained to work well with people with BPD. So, my question is: why can people have compassion for Kanye West as he battles his demons publicly? Is it because he is a rock star? Is it because he was attacking his beautiful and voluptuous wife, Kim with her more than 66,113,912 Twitter followers? Or is it because people want to “forgive” him but those of us random people with BPD don’t deserve that kind of forgiveness? 

Most people with BPD have great compassion for others

Most of those of us with BPD have tremendous compassion for others but are almost completely unable to show it to ourselves. Maybe if we lived in a world where more people had compassion towards us, it might be a little easier for us to give some to ourselves.