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How I was finally able to stop suffering over the lost relationships with my children

If you had asked me after I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) if I had any idea how it would affect my life, you’d have received an utterly blank look in return. I was diagnosed with BPD about 35 years ago. It had only been included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the psychiatrists’ bible in 1980, the same year I was diagnosed. At the time of my diagnosis, BPD was largely considered an incurable disease and many people died by their own hands because of the unbearable pain and anguish it causes.

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What Practicing Radical Acceptance Taught me

When I first heard about this thing called radical acceptance I thought it had to do with accepting myself unconditionally. But I soon discovered that it had nothing to do with that at all. Radical acceptance is one of the cornerstones of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and DBT is  the gold standard treatment for people diagnosed with BPD. DBT works where most other treatment protocols have failed. Why? Because it teaches vital coping skills which we never learned when we were growing up.

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