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When you are making changes you need a great cheerleading squad

When you are embarking on your BPD Recovery and Remission there is one important aspect to keep in mind: the people in your life who have helped you create your BPD will also want to keep you stuck in it. This is often referred to as the “mobile theory”. It goes something like this: Every member of a dysfunctional family plays a certain role. The mother might be “The Martyr” the ever-sacrificing woman who does everything for her family and complains about it loudly to anyone who will listen. “The Patriarch” is probably the father: the one who sits in his chair at the dinner table and pontificates about life and tells everyone what to do.

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Why Are People With BPD People Pleasers and How To Stop Being That Way

We all want to be loved and needed. I think that’s one of the core parts of being human. It is important to us. But when it become pathological it causes problems for us. Many people with BPD become huge people pleasers because they want to be loved and needed by everyone they come into contact with.  This kind of behavior ends up taking a terrible toll on a person. It erodes self-worth and self-esteem because it ties your self-worth to being validated by another person.

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