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Getting past my anger toward my former partner

My former partner broke up with me or perhaps I should say that I broke up with HIM after he assaulted me. We had been on what I had hoped would be a wonderfully romantic holiday in Hawaii. Did we have a fight? Well, if you mean a screaming and yelling at one another kind of fight, the answer is no, we did not. We had words but there was no screaming or  yelling. His assault came completely out of the blue. In fact, it was the LAST thing I EVER expected him to do. Ever.

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How I learned how to stop being afraid of my feelings

Being vulnerable is a very scary and frightening thing for most people. We feel naked and open to the world without any protection and so we learn to try to avoid experiencing that feeling. Sometimes, when we avoid it too much it causes us to become afraid of our feelings. This is what happened to me when I was knee deep in my BPD pathology.

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BPD and the risk factors for suicide

Most people who have been diagnosed with BPD are completely unaware that it is the only personality disorder in the DSM-5 which contains any kind of self-injurious behaviour among its diagnostic criteria. Many, if not all, patients diagnosed with BPD will make at least one suicide attempt in their lifetime and people with BPD are very high risk for completion of suicide

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Lessons Learned From A Life Of Being Angry All The Time

I spent most of my adult life being angry, always churning with emotions that felt like they came from out of the blue and which I could not control. I would go from zero to absolute rage in a matter of moments. The price I paid for this was enormous. There was a huge wake of broken relationships and lost friendships in my path, my children lived in terror of my angry outbursts and my marriage was a disaster. I lived in a world of constant destruction and upheaval for myself and my loved ones.

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The Secret To MY Happiness

About five years ago I sent an email to a good friend of mine in which I complained about something pretty trivial. I was astounded when I received her response.

“I don’t understand you. Why are you always so unhappy and miserable? You have more financial security than many people I know, you have children who love and adore you and you are multi-talented. Get over yourself already,” she wrote.

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How Embracing Forgiveness Helped Me Put My BPD Into Remission

My father was a harsh man. He said very little, never gave  compliments or praise but was always quick with a rebuke or a critique. He was of Japanese descent, you see and that is what he learned from his own parents. I grew up in fear of him, his scowling face and hand that was always so quick to reach out and slap my face for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I lived in a world of silence because of that hand. His cultural heritage dictated his parenting style.

I wanted a very different father than the one I had.

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