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Understanding Prompting Events and Action Urges

Deep inside every human’s brain is a small almond-shaped set of neurons called the amygdala.The amygdala is responsible for regulating our emotions. It is part of what is known as the limbic system.

When a person encounters some form of stimuli, the amygdala sends out a chemical reaction to the body.

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How to transform hurt from anger into resilience

One of the most profound discussions I ever had with my DBT therapist had to do with my intense anger. My anger was always an almost knee-jerk response to any kind of slight, however small or insignificant. She asked me, “Do you think you might be reacting to feeling hurt instead and that you turn it into anger because that is an emotion you learned how to express from your father?” I did not really know what to say.

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Do you really want to run away?

I see the sentiment “I just want to run away” in the various BPD groups to which I belong. Oh,yeah, I totally get it. I spent years trying to “run away” from my life and myself, my fears and anxieties. When I couldn’t run away physically, I would do it emotionally through distance, dissociation and suicide attempts. I would feel frantic by my situation, trapped, hopeless and helpless and wanted nothing

more than to get away from it -- all the pain and anguish and just down-right suffering.

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