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Letter to my son Redux

The apology(ies) you seek can be found starting on Page 4. Even though this is a long letter, I ask that you read it from start to finish. Most parents would never be as transparent as I am trying to be with you but I think that the information contained in this letter is on a “need to know basis” and that is why I have decided to share it with you.

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How Embracing Forgiveness Helped Me Put My BPD Into Remission

My father was a harsh man. He said very little, never gave  compliments or praise but was always quick with a rebuke or a critique. He was of Japanese descent, you see and that is what he learned from his own parents. I grew up in fear of him, his scowling face and hand that was always so quick to reach out and slap my face for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I lived in a world of silence because of that hand. His cultural heritage dictated his parenting style.

I wanted a very different father than the one I had.

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