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The Almost Unbearable Loneliness of BPD

I have very few friends anymore because over the course of the years of my mental illness, I chased almost all of them away. I woke up one day and realized just what a solitary existence I was living and how lonely I had become. My husband died some years ago and my children all left home to go to university in another town. Because the town where I live and where they grew up is quite small, they all resolved to never return. So, it is just me and the dog now.

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Why The Same Sex Parent is an Extremely important Role Model in a Child’s Life

When you become a parent, your entire world changes. Or maybe I should say, shifts. Gone are the days you can be totally engrossed in only yourself. As a parent, you must focus on an entirely new being in your life, your child. But what happens to the child if the parent is unable to do that? It depends on many different factors.

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How the DBT skill called Opposite Action helps people with BPD

When I was learning DBT one of the most curious skills I learned was something called Opposite Action. This skill teaches that if, for example, you wake up feeling depressed and want nothing more than to stay in bed and just hibernate that you should do the opposite which is to get up, take a shower and have some breakfast. Why?

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