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When Borderline Personality Disorder Means You Live From Crisis To Crisis

A friend once commented to me that I lived my life from “crisis to crisis.” I was taken aback by this because I did not understand the statement — and I also did not see it. But after my husband died, I began to take a very serious look at my life. I actually say it was my husband’s death which propelled me on my road to recovery. If he walked into the house today, he would not recognize me because I have become a totally different person.

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What standing in a torrential downpour taught me about radical acceptance

am going to a big, fancy wedding in mid-July and so had to buy a big, fancy gown to wear. This also necessitated a new pair of shoes, what I call “girl shoes.” I don’t wear girl shoes very often any more. Since I broke my ankle and I am quite unsteady on my feet because of my brain injury, the idea of me wearing heels at all fills me with great trepidation. But, I care about this person who is getting married and I don’t want to disappoint or embarrass him.

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